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SHARING makes photography fun, challenging and interesting for me. I've been shooting as a hobby for years, off and on. With the switch from film to digital, I found new challenges. In some ways shooting digital is just like working with film, but in others it's a whole new set of skills, and a whole new world of results. The chemical darkroom and the digital darkroom are worlds apart.

Digital has made sharing easier. One can share without having to hand off a piece of paper. Sharing happens at places like here. It happens by email and by sharing files in other ways.

Sharing means not only showing one's work to others, but also getting feedback from others about how they react to it. Your comments, when you visit my galleries here, and the galleries of others, is part of that sharing process. Sharing needs to be a two way street, including looking and commenting on the work of others. No one learns and grows in a vacuum.

LEARNING is hopefully one of the major rewards of sharing. I started here in January of 2007. Going back and looking at what I’ve put up here over time, I see things which have held up, and thing which have not. I am of a mixed mind whether to remove the weaker things, or leave them for comparison. So far I have taken the latter course. I am always far enough behind in processing current things, that catching up seems higher priority than cleaning up.

PRINTING photographs, holding them in your hand, suffers with digital photography. But it doesn't have to be. I’d be pleased if you find something here you'd like own. I'd love to have you buy one and take it home with you. Contact me by phone or email if you are interested.

SHOOTING, and taking it home to see what you have is the best part of all. I'm always up for an interesting shoot. I'd love to talk about shooting something with you or for you.

If you have questions or requests, feel free to get in touch.

Dwight Corrin
dcorrin at fastmail.fm